By Simon, 6 March, 2014

Tomorrow, March 7th 2014, is the scheduled IPO for, Inc. For those interested (or not), here's my 10 cents on why the SEC filing is a little on the conservative side (they always are). It says, Inc. has never been profitable since they began in 1998. While that's true, it isn't completely true. In another lifetime, was once profitable, under the brand name CouponNet, and I have every confidence that, Inc. will be profitable too.

20 years-ago, I registered a couple of domain names - and In fact, I had to fight hard to register because, back in 1994, Network Solutions were only registering one domain name per applicant. After carefully explaining that was the plural of, and that Network Solutions would find themselves with an intellectual property dispute if they registered it to someone else, they reluctantly registered the domain name to me. In December of 1994, I put the first downloadable coupon on the web, which was for a British pub in the Los Angeles area (not exactly a surprise for those of you who know me).